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Catalyst Game Labs previews Ship Quirks and Crew Abilities Deck for Leviathans

Catalyst Game Labs is previewing the new Ship Quirks and Crew Abilities they're looking to come out for Leviathans at GenCon.

From the announcement:

There won’t be new ships or the Captain’s Box at Gen Con. Still trying to work out a new process in production that will finally allow the line to move forward in a way that will be both profitable for Catalyst and a regular release schedule for players.

In the mean time, we’re trying to see if we can’t get something to Gen Con for Leviathans players. I’ve talked about this concept before. That we’ve been working on and off on these things forever, but we’re pushing to see if we can’t have a deck of Ship Quirks and Crew Abilities for sell; they won’t be for sell in stores anytime in the near future, but we’ll look at putting them on sell online after Gen Con.