Catalyst Game Labs previews Alpha Strike rulebook for BattleTech

By Polar_Bear
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May 3rd, 2013

Catalyst Game Labs has a preview up of their upcoming Alpha Strike rulebook for the Battletech Tabletop miniatures game.

From the preview:

When we published Strategic Operations several years ago, a lot of people instantly fell in love with what is really a pretty small part of the book…the Quick-Strike Rules. And we immediately began getting questions of “when will you release a stand-alone rulebook of that?”

For those wondering what Quick-Strike is, the easiest answer is that it is the truest form yet published for being able to play BattleTech in a true “tabletop miniatures” style and speed, while still feeling like your playing BattleTech.

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  • Rangerrob

    Looking forward to this one…I’ve been carrying the Quick Strike banner for a couple years now. This one is a game changer.

  • Zarathud

    As a bonus, you can now pick up a few of the Unseen mechs by pledging in the Robotech kickstarter. The Warhammer and Marauder were always two of my favorite mechs from the Succession Wars era.

    • kalamadea

      Well, while the Robotech minis are going to be 1/285, they’ll be using the original animation scale. Destroids (Warhammer, Rifleman, Archer, Longbow) will be perfectly spot-on for unseens. The Valkyries (Wasp, Crusader, Stinger, Pheonix Hawk) will be a bit large but usable, but the Glaug (Marauder) is going to be 70mm tall and mounted on a 50mm base, WAY too big for Battletech

      Still, the destroids are $5 each for some pretty highly detailed plastic figs, much better than the old Ral Partha metals and MUCH better than the old plastics.

  • Stone Rhino for me.

    Need to find a mini of that somewhere. I know they exist.

    • Zarathud

      Yeah, $60 on Ebay for the original sculpt.

    • kalamadea

      I bought one years ago (now long gone) and actually the mini was slightly disappointing, it didn’t really match the artwork very well. The body was a bit too pudgy and wide and not long enough and the weapon barrels weren’t big or long enough. Reaper’s CAV line has a model called the Ogre. It hits many of the same design notes as the Stone Rhino and is much easier (and cheaper) to aquire. I’m not sure if it’s one of the figs being redone in the Bones material or not, but the metal version is big and heavy and stompy with huge cannons.