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Catalyst Game Labs Posts Wrath of Dragons Rules Online

In games, you get to take on the persona of someone else. This isn't just reserved to RPGs, but basically any game. You're the survivor of a zombie attack, or you're the high command in charge of a squad of sci-fi soldiers, or you're the town planner for a village. Well, in Wrath of Dragons from Catalyst Game Labs, you get to be a dragon. How cool is that? I know I'd want to be a dragon if I could be a dragon. Wouldn't you want to be a dragon?

In Wrath of Dragons, you play as an elder dragon that awakens each century in order to terrorize the countryside. Go snack on some cattle or townsfolk. Burn a mighty forest down. And most importantly, find treasures to add to your horde. After six centuries, the dragon who has caused the most destruction and caused the most fear is tallied up. Only one can be crowned the greatest of them all, and you want that to be you. Catalyst has posted up the rules online so you can check them out. They'll have pre-release versions at Gen Con in a couple weeks. So be sure to check it out at the show.