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Catalyst Game Labs posts up GenCon wrap-up

Catalyst Game Labs put up sort of a post-GenCon de-briefing.
Ah, to be back there now... memories...

From them to you:

We realize that it’s been almost a month since Gen Con, but we attended Pax Prime for the first time this year! And needless to say, coming only two weeks after Gen Con made it a major hurdle to overcome…hence a late Gen Con wrap-up. We’ll post up our thoughts on Pax Prime in the near future, but for now…

…let your minds travel back to that wonderful 4 days of gaming where for the first time 40,000+ gamers from around the world celebrated their hobby in grand style together.

We absolutely love Gen Con. While Catalyst is only celebrating its 5th year (‘only’…sheesh, hard to believe it’s already been that long!), most of the employees have been in the industry for a long, long time and Gen Con attendance is a wonderful ‘must’.