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Catalyst Game Labs posts up Captain's Manual excerpt and looking for Scenarios for Leviathans

Catalyst Game Labs put up an excerpt from the Captain's Manual for Leviathans. They're also soliciting for scenario ideas.

From the website:

Got two great things to expand your Leviathans enjoyment in the coming weeks.

First up, a new open beta test.

Catalyst Game Labs is developing the Captain’s Box; a stand-alone expansion to the Leviathans Core Box that will include a slew of enhanced scenario rules, from weather and wind to elevation, alternate movement and combat options, and more. Those rules have been extensively play tested to date.

However, the two rules in this PDF have come up for potential inclusion in the Captain’s Box. Instead of simply play testing them internally, however, we want to run these externally as well. So here ya go…put together some games, run with it, and let us know. Visit the forums at A “Captain’s Manual Excerpt Playtest” thread has been created and will be active for a few weeks. Post your feedback, comments and especially your suggestions for tweaks to the rules that you feel will improve them.

You can also find that PDF on the downloads page as well.

Additionally, we’re putting out a call for your scenarios! We’re working on several new PDFs to release in the coming months, and one of them will be a collection of scenarios and we’d love to get the community involved!