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Catalyst Game Labs posts up another designer's diary entry for Shadowrun 5th edition

Catalyst Game Labs gives you some more insight into their creative process behind Shadowrun 5th edition in their latest designer's diary entry.

From the entry:

It’s time to throw out some good tips to those of you out in fandom who like to draw stuff for your games. One of the coolest things about working on an awesome property like Shadowrun is that there is a massive, thriving, active fanbase out there running amok without any constraints at all, and expanding the collective shadows in an organic way that is all their own. I freaking love that, and the fact that most of SR’s best artists came out of that creative mosh pit makes them all the better in my opinion. In fact some of my favorite illustrations were unofficial fan images. So it’s with the fans in mind (and the chance to expand my art corps) that I wanted to leak to the community some art tips and clues about illustrating a new generation of awesomeness here in Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.