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Catalyst Game Labs posts Shadowrun Design Diary 2

Catalyst Game Labs gives you some more insight into the Shadowrun design process with Design Diary #2.

From this installment:

While many of you know me, the excitement of the Year of Shadowrun is likely pulling in a lot of people that have no idea who I am. As such, like Ross’ Designer Diary 1, I felt it appropriate to introduce myself and provide some background.

In 1989 I strolled into my local game store, Game Depot (which is still alive and well…go Dave and Patty!), and there on the wall was a poster for an upcoming RPG that instantly grabbed my attention. In fact, it held the attention of my entire gaming group and we anxiously awaited its arrival. When Shadowrun released, we were all in the store and I believe we walked out with 4 copies that day.