Catalyst Game Labs posts Shadowrun 5th edition preview

By Polar_Bear
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May 1st, 2013

Catalyst Game Labs gives everyone a look at the upcoming Shadowrun 5th edition with a preview that they’ve labelled #1.

From the announcement:

All right, you heard the announcement. You’ve seen the video. You’ve read some of the development blogs we’ve posted. You want more. You want to see what Shadowrun, Fifth Edition is going to look like, you want to read some of the text, you want to see some of the art we’ve been talking about. And you want it now, and you want it free.

Well, who can blame you? Fortunately, we’ve got just what you want! A free preview of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition is available now! Check out some short fiction, some art, and the skyline of Tenochtitlan! You can get the PDF at the Battleshop or at DriveThruRPG.

One very important note: We’re still adding corrections and proofing notes, so this PDF is the pre-proof edition. Page references, typos, and other matters will be corrected before the final release.

With that said, go check out that PDF! Enjoy!

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  • begisle

    There is no rules, the title for this is way, way off.

    Just fluff and some pics, whoopee

    • The link is to the CGB page where the announcement is. The second paragraph in the article has links to the .pdfs.

  • Cantor

    You really need to post a correction about this one. Not Beta rules at all! Did you guys read anything before posting this?

    • The second paragraph in their announcement links to the .pdfs.

  • mathieu

    The need to create an account, albeit on a reputable website, turned me down.