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Catalyst Game Labs Posts September Releases

Can you believe we're only a couple days away from September? We're 2/3 through the year. Oh how time does fly by. My Kroger has had Halloween candy displays for 2 weeks already. And after that... we'll start getting the 4th of July stuff...
In the meantime, Catalyst Game Labs has posted up their September releases in one, convenient place for you to check out.
There's some Battletech. There's some Bravest Warrior. There's some Shadowrun. And there's some Jarl.

Starting where we last left off, Jarl is the new tile-laying game that's tied in with the Vikings TV show. Having not seen the show, I can only imagine that the characters in the show sort out their problems via games. If that's the case, I might just have to give it a watch.

For Bravest Warriors there's the new Red and Blue Encounter Decks. These games are for 1-4 players or can be combined to seat up to 8 players. Plus, you get catbug dice. You can never have enough dice.

Moving on to Shadowrun, there's the Chrome Flesh supplement. There's only so much that we can get our natural bodies to do. You can only lift weights until you're so strong. Or create callouses until your skin is so tough (also... ew). Chrome Flesh is like a catalog for new body parts.

Last, but not least, there's Technical Readout 3150 for BattleTech. This book brings you the latest in mech technology as the Inner Sphere tries to hold the Clans back once more from reaching Terra.

All of these products have a street date of September 2nd. So... just next week. Be ready to go get yours.