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Catalyst Game Labs Posts MechWarrior Primer pdf

With the new MechWarrior game coming out from Harebrained Schemes, there's a new and revived interest in the world. Lord knows I love Mechs, and MechWarrior in-particular. It could easily be said that MechWarrior 2 was my gateway into gaming. I'd played various video games up to that point, but it was really the one that I got really involved in. With all the new interest, there's plenty of new gamers getting introduced to the Battletech universe. And with such a rich and storied gaming universe that's been around for so long, it might be hard to figure out what all has been happening.

This little Primer that Catalyst has put together is designed to help get anyone interested in the Battletech world with a bit of the history of both the games that have come before, and a bit about the universe, itself. I must say, looking at the photos of the various video game covers certainly hits me right in the nostalgia. So if you've not been keeping up with all things Mech for the past 30 years, here's a bit of a history lesson for you.