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Catalyst Game Labs Posts BattleTech Announcements

And now for a post that doesn't relate to Gen Con.
Ok, there's a little bit of Gen Con at the very end. But it's only a little bit.
Catalyst Game Labs has a couple announcements to make about BattleTech, the biggest of which is the Beta release of Interstellar Operations, the sixth core rulebook for the game.

This public beta will last until September 1st. There will be a thread in the Catalyst Game Labs Forum where players can post about any mistakes that are found. Added to that, if you've got an idea for a scenario, you can use their Scenario Template to submit your own for possible publication in the book. The Beta pdf is $10, and when the final version becomes available, they'll get a free, automatic upgrade to that version. Considering the final one will sell for $25, you could just see this as getting 3/5 off the final price if you buy early. They will also have a limited number of the new rules in print at Gen Con (told you there was a little bit of Gen Con in the post).

Next up, they wanted to show off some photos of the Warhammer they've been working on (that's the Warhammer mech, not that other game named Warhammer). You can see those posted above.

Finally, they're announced that some new novels will be coming out for BattleTech. Fans of the fluff of that universe can expect several new titles coming out soon.