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Catalyst Game Labs posts another Shadowrun Designer's Diary entry

Catalyst Game Labs gives you all some more looks into the creation of Shadowrun with another design diary entry.

From the entry:

Okay, fun fact: One of our best-selling PDF-only products in recent years is The Way of the Adept. It was written by a dedicated freelancer who wanted to give adepts a boost because he felt they were underpowered. It was edited by a member of of the Shadowrun development team who believes adepts were, if anything, overpowered.

That’s the joy of adepts, and it’s one of the reasons they’re so difficult to get right. There are a lot of different opinions about how well they work compared to other archetypes and the best ways to balance them, or even if they are worth the effort to have in the game. When we were planning Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, there was no question about keeping them. We’re awfully fond of them and we want them in the game, if only so we can punch spirits in the face with our bare hands. So getting rid of them was never a matter of discussion.