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Catalyst Game Labs posts another designer's diary look into Shadowrun Crossfire

Catalyst Game Labs shows off some more of their upcoming deck-building game Shadowrun: Crossfire with another look into the designer's diary.

From the entry:

Most deck-building games rely on competition for cards and victory to keep the action moving. Stalling on your turn in a competitive deck-building game is death. Heck, there’s even a mini-cottage industry commemorating Dominion’s fail-by-1 outcome of 7 coins.

As a cooperative deck-building game, Shadowrun: Crossfire has a much more direct problem with stalling. Players build their decks one turn at a time, but they’re not competing for resources and victory points. The goal is to survive, together, to fight through all the corp-bought shamans and security drones the game throws at you. If hanging out for a turn was any kind of good idea in Crossfire, everyone would applaud when another runner stalled. Well, they’d applaud for a turn or two, and then interest in such a snooze-fest would fade. Most likely, those folks would never get around to playing a second game.