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Catalyst Game Labs posts another designer's diary for Shadowrun: Crossfire

Catalyst Game Labs gives us some more insight into Shadowrun: Crossfire with a peek at the Damage Tracks in the game.

From the entry:

In a previous article on Teamwork in Shadowrun: Crossfire, I wrote briefly about the damage track on each obstacle. In this article I’ll expand on that topic by telling you the story of how we got there.

The early versions of the game were vastly different from the final design. The main elements that survived are the Black Market and general deck-building concept, and the idea that obstacles show up to threaten the runners.

We started out with a simple HP number on each obstacle. It represented the total amount of damage you needed to defeat the obstacle, much as you’ve seen in many other games. To make the game cooperative, we allowed multiple players to defeat an obstacle together.