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Catalyst Game Labs participating in Free RPG Day

Catalyst Game Labs certainly won't be sitting out this Free RPG Day. They've got plenty in store.

From the announcement:

Once again Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to participate in Free RPG Day! This year’s celebration of friendly local game stores and all things roleplaying falls on Saturday, June 15th.

We’re pleased to be offering a Cosmic Patrol Quick-Start Rules with all new Missions, as well as flip-book combination of A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG and one of the first appearances of the Shadowrun Fifth Edition Quick-Start Rules!

Retailer registration has just opened, so whether you’re into any of our games, or any of the other great games being offered, stop on by their website and sign up for all the roleplaying action you can stand!

Thanks to Aldo and his whole team for making this great event happen each year!