Catalyst Game Labs improves and reprtints Battletech Introductory Box Set

By Polar_Bear
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May 21st, 2013

Catalyst Game Labs has updated and started to reprint the Battletech Introductory box set.

From the update:

Many of you have noticed that the Introductory Box Set is hard to find and that’s because it’s currently out of stock.

While the previous printing of the box set was almost univerally lauded as one of the best introductions yet to BattleTech, it did have its issues. The main one, of course, was the quality of the 24 miniatures.

Even though we knew it would be several months without the game on store shelves again, we felt we simply couldn’t release a reprint using the same miniatures. As such, we’ve moved the entire reprint to a completely new company and we’ve generated all new sculpts based on the great, original Iron Wind Metals’ metal miniatures.

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  • PanzerKraken

    I kinda hope they do different mechs in this one. Bought the first 2 sets and even with new sculpts, don’t think I would invest in a third intro set. Put in new variety of mechs and i’ll pitch in though.

    • ctaylor

      They are changing the two premium mechs. Previously a Loki and a Thor, the new set will have a Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) and Battlemaster. The non-premium mechs will remain the same, just with new molds.

  • Tamwulf

    It would be nice if they re-sculpted the Mechs with some sense of scale. I’ve never liked the fact that a 15 ton Light Mech is the same size as a 100 ton Assault Mech. They can do better!

  • Ghost

    Battletech robots have always been the ugliest – but crisp clean models certainly help.

    I was one of those who didn’t ‘almost univerally laud’ the previous box although my wallet felt a gentle pang of nostalgia when I saw that Warhammer/Tomahawk/Excalibur cover art on the shelf; fortunately my resistance was justified when images of the terrible models began to circulate. The new box’s Atlas artwork depicts a more favourable ride although provokes no swellings of nostalgia from this old gamer.

  • I bought that first box set when it was released at Gen Con. I do have to agree the quality of minis was sorely lacking.

    I’m not buying it again, though.