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Catalyst Game Labs improves and reprtints Battletech Introductory Box Set

Catalyst Game Labs has updated and started to reprint the Battletech Introductory box set.

From the update:

Many of you have noticed that the Introductory Box Set is hard to find and that’s because it’s currently out of stock.

While the previous printing of the box set was almost univerally lauded as one of the best introductions yet to BattleTech, it did have its issues. The main one, of course, was the quality of the 24 miniatures.

Even though we knew it would be several months without the game on store shelves again, we felt we simply couldn’t release a reprint using the same miniatures. As such, we’ve moved the entire reprint to a completely new company and we’ve generated all new sculpts based on the great, original Iron Wind Metals’ metal miniatures.