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Catalyst Game Labs asks What does the community want

Catalyst Game Labs has asked the community what kind of content they would like to see in the coming year.

From their announcement:

Hey crewmen,

So been seeing a lot of great discussions going on about what new material should be released online as a consequence of the continued delays. I’m fully willing to fall onto the proverbial sword on this one. A combination of the continued hope the game will finally come out, as well as a subconscious desire to not work on new web material as it means driving that stake a little further in my wound. But it’s time to stand up, stiff-upper-lip and all that, and get some new material flowing for you chaps wanting to toss some dice in our 1910 skies.

Now, right out of the gate, let’s discuss the Commander’s Manual. There’s been some suggestions of releasing this before hand. In fact, well over a year ago I brought this up tentatively and a little over a month ago I sent out a big email to the Catalyst Management team, but also included some other key players (two in particular that together have 40+ years of marketing/distribution/retail experience in our hobby). The email was a break down, as I saw it, of the pros and cons of releasing the Commander’s Manual in PDF form before the Core Box Set is available on store shelves.

Ultimately it was decided that as many experiments as we’ve done with Leviathans, that’s an experiment that’s just a little more than what we’re willing to commit to at this time. We simply have no way to gauge its effects on the ultimate sales of the Core Box Set. It could do what we’ve seen with print books and increase sales…but it could also be detrimental as this isn’t a book. Now we continue to discuss this, but at the current time there’s no plans to release the Commander’s Manual in PDF format.

With that said, however, there’s a pretty big list of things we could work on and release via the website in the near future. Here’s a few I can think of:

New Story Fiction
New Sourcebook fiction
James Fighting Leviathans: Excerpt from 1910 3
Point System Open Beta Test
New Campaign
Minor Powers
New Story Fiction
This would be along the lines of A Monster In The Sky and What Prices Paid serial fiction as posted here.

New Sourcebook fiction
A huge host of additional “fleshing out” sourcebook material could be created that’d weave around the Gazetteer.

James Fighting Leviathans: Excerpt from 19010 3
For those that haven’t seen the first two PDFs before, you can find more details here.

Obviously more ships are always cool. However, because we’ve only released a very limited number of ship classes to date, I’ve been a little leery to create so many variant “named ships” all based on the same classes released to date. Don’t want to over-load on those variants. However, if that’s what the community would like, more than willing to oblige.

Point System Open Beta Test
A year and a half a go we ran a Point System Open Alpha Test. I’ve got a Point System Open Beta Test document all ready to release as a free PDF as soon as the Core Box Set is available, which incorporates the details from the original playtest, as well as covering all the details of everything from the Commander’s Manual.

I fully realize releasing this before the Core Box Set is available means a fair bit of the material won’t be usable yet…but it would be a nice preview of what’s coming over the horizon.

New Campaign
A little over a year ago we did an Open Alpha Test of The Channel Campaign. We’ve been kicking around several concepts on additional campaign that would follow this mold, from roughly the same size, to much larger conflicts. Depending on what the community would like, we could also tie one of these into a Minor Powers PDF. Lot’s of fun gaming potential here.

Minor Powers
This has been something I’ve blogged about in the past and we’ve kicked it around for over a year now. But the idea would be a series of PDFs that would cover “batches” of Minor Powers, including a little fiction, a short sourcebook write-up, and finally some ships; these would mostly be “older ships”, so the art would come across as a kitbash of various extent designs. We couldn’t do all of them too quickly, because not all such minor powers bought British and French older vessels, and that’s the art we have on hand. But we could work on an initial PDF that deals with powers that did directly pull from the British and French, allowing us to generate the full Ship Card/fold-up box experience.

There ya go, a whole toolbox of goodies. Now note this won’t take the place of my normal blogs and updates. Instead, this is additional material you’ve all earned through your patience and continued excitement that’ll bring more immersive experiences (whether simply to the universe or your gaming table), while we all wait for that pesky Core Box Set

Please list, in order of preference, what you’d like to see. Also, if you see a cool aspect you’d like to see fleshed out that’s not on the list above, by all means, suggest away.

We’ll take your suggestions and use that to start building new material for the site.

See ya next duty shift!