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Catalyst Game Labs Announces New Leadership for BattleTech Line

Catalyst Game Labs Announces New Leadership for BattleTech Line

One of the games that’s been around for as long as I can remember is Battletech. I was first introduced to it as Mechwarrior II on my computer, but it’s been a tabletop game (in several forms) for just as long. Well, Catalyst Game Labs has moved around some personnel to make sure it continues to grow and thrive.

From the announcement:

Catalyst Game Labs announced today the appointment of new individuals to three key leadership positions overseeing the BattleTech game line, moves which will secure the property’s three-decade-long legacy of success for years to come.

Brent Evans, Catalyst’s Art Director, will step into the role of BattleTech Line Developer. He takes over the position from Randall N. Bills, who will remain Catalyst’s Managing Director and continue to oversee development of all of the company’s gaming products.

Evans has been instrumental in shaping the look of the BattleTech universe over the past decade, building a stable of high-quality freelance artists who have brought the future to life.

Joining Evans is Ray Arrastia, who will serve as BattleTech‘s Assistant Line Developer. A versatile graphic designer, production manager and game developer, Arrastia is also the co-founder of CamoSpecs, a community of elite artists whose talents have graced BattleTech miniatures since.

Finally, Mary Kaempen will take up the duties of Catalyst Demo Team Lead and Event Coordinator. Kaempen will be responsible for managing the Catalyst Demo Team day to day, and coordinating the CDT’s convention activities. In her previous position as Demo Team Executive Officer, she was instrumental in the Demo Team’s reorganization and expansion over the past two years.

“I could not be more excited to have Brent, Ray and Mary leading BattleTech into the future,” said Bills. “This team represents the very best we have to offer, and I know their passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm will continue to make this beloved game a vibrant and exciting experience for MechWarriors around the world.”

Among the team’s first priorities will be preparing new products and gaming experiences for the upcoming Origins Game Fair and Gen Con. Evans and Arrastia will also focus on bringing all-new introductory BattleTech products to store shelves which are guaranteed to excite both longtime fans and newcomers alike.