Catalyst Game Labs announces Leviathans Kickstarter coming this fall

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Aug 28th, 2013

Catalyst Game Labs has announced that they’ll be running a Leviathans Kickstarter this fall in order to expand the game.

From the announcement:

We know how to make books. I like to joke that we can fall out of a bed and stand up with a book in our hands. However, with Leviathans we tackled a slew of new manufacturing items we’d never dealt with before. It would have been bad enough to have even one of those additional elements on the table, but we went ahead and tried to tackle a dozen at a time.

Where does that leave us since Leviathans published late last year? Well, it pretty much sold right out when it published. Which is fantastic! However, the way in which we packaged the game makes it unsustainable (again, that learning curve). As such, we need to find a new way to repackage the line so it can sustain itself.

We are currently looking at reshaping the entire line into something similar to how Sails of Glory/Wings of Glory (as well as Star Wars: X-Wing or Star Trek: Attack Wing) package and release their games and miniatures. This would in effect be a re-launch for the game.

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  • Paconious

    This is still a thing? I haven’t seen anything about this game since its launch over a year ago.

    • blackfang

      It wasn’t even a thing anymore by the time it launched.

      The initial previews were really promising (I myself paid for the beta rules download) but then everything came to a halt for some reason. Spartan Games produced a directly competing product complete with rules and a full miniature line whilst Catalyst seemingly set around twiddling their thumbs. By the time Leviathans finally came out, we all had out steampunk naval fix already.

      • odinsgrandson

        Ok, I guess I can see how that happened. I played the game at Gencon before it launched, and it seemed pretty cool.

        Not my thing personally, but I feel I could recognize the quality of it even though I wasn’t in the audience. I was surprised when it didn’t take off.

      • MercReiter

        Worse still, Leviathans is a blatant rip-off of Wessex Games’ long-produced game Aeronef which Brigade Games makes a full line of minis for.

        I do love Karma!

        • keltheos

          Yes, because any game with flying ships is automatically a ripoff of Aeronef…

          Remind me again, when was Aeronef first published? Could it be said that Aeronef is a blatant ripoff of Space: 1889 since it was published long before Aeronef and had (gasp) flying ships in it!!

          • Robert

            And Space 1889 was just a rip-off of Verne, Doyle, Wells, et al.

            At some point you have to accept that there are a lot of ways to cover a theme (flying a-historical ships) and while they share common ancestry and inspiration, the games themselves operate very, very differently, and, there’s room for each in the marketplace.

            No one could play Aeronef and Leviathans and say that the gameplay is ANYTHING alike.

          • keltheos

            Amen, Robert.

            Aeronef even mentions it was inspired by Verne, et. al.

            Airships is anything but a new concept. And the gameplay is nothing at all alike.

        • The scale is entirely different, the detail level of the models and the internals of the ships is different and the background is unique so how is it a rip-off?

          Is any game that has VSF flying ships is a rip-off of Wessex?

          • Soulfinger

            Still, they could have done something original, like flying tophats fighting the evil aero-derbies of Bowlerton. Hats fighting hats, but I guess even with something like that, people will say it’s just a rip-off of Lidsville and accuse me of lifting half of my concept art from a Monopoly piece.

  • Grindar

    I heard good things at launch time but I was broke and then they sold out so fast I couldn’t get a copy myself to try it out :p

    I’m glad that it was liked enough that they didn’t end up with dead stock at least.

  • Paconious

    You should come to my local game stores. There are about 5 copies sitting in the clearance area.

  • Does that mean that they will be doing packing only like that, or that they are moving the game towards the base/movement system used like X-Wing?

  • blkdymnd

    So, they’ll release packaging where you can actually see the miniatures? Because that would be brilliant, since their first attempt didn’t even have a single picture on the box of an actual mini.

  • PanzerKraken

    Decent game but yea they had such trouble getting it out in the first place and then it really just went nowhere. Kickstarter could be good to build up some support for the game.

  • Briancj

    What game store, Paconious?

  • The Beast Rampant

    Yeah, the ships looked great, and the whole thing would have sold much better with WoW/WoG-style packaging.

    And it is a shame that its been almost exactly a year, and no new ship releases. For a company not known for the minisatures-end of things, Kickstarter may be the right choice.

    I’m exceedingly likely “in”.

    • That type of packaging is expensive to produce though. I suspect that the packaging may not change.

  • Ritterton

    Really looking forward to this. I was taken into the original game and can’t wait to be a kickstarter backer. how best will we be informed of the kickstarter?

  • sakieh

    I have been following the game since it was announced. I even have a core box that I bought at GenCon last year. They have been hitting issues with finding a miniature producer, and, frankly, in the announcement for the kickstarter, they are right: it wasn’t a sustainable selling set up. I mean, I want the ship cards and the type 1’s from the fleet boxes, I don’t need more then 1 extra type 2, and I do not need extra Type 4’s. (I believe in Type 4, 2 Type 2/3s, and 4 type 1’s for a task force). I am really looking forward to this, and hoping that the sustainability changes will have a major positive impact in getting product out.

  • grimbergen

    And not to mention wasting time/resources on that mediocre mobile/pc game. please focus on getting a good product out there and developing a strong fan base before attempting to milk the franchise.

  • Marauder

    Lol, I got tired of waiting for new minis and sold my copy of the game. Its really hard to get other people in your gaming group into it if they can’t each have their own faction.

    I did really like their take on flying battleships though. Will follow this to see where it goes – still glad I sold my copy as this smells like new rules to me too.


  • Ray Rivers

    I was very hyped at the launch of this product, but the lack of follow on minis was a killer.

    Let’s see what they come up with in the Kickstarter.

  • LegoRick

    As much as I love my Leviathans core set and both fleet boxes, I would be wary about supporting this KS project. Catalyst had so many problems with launching Leviathans in the first place, and their last KS The Duke is still having problems a year later. I still haven’t received all of my rewards from that project.

    • They have been totally upfront about those issues though. The process might be slower than we all like but they are addressing them and the games are in people’s hands.

  • Ray Rivers

    My feeling is we are going to see a lot of stuff that has been in development for awhile, such as the German and Italian fleets.

    Essentially, this looks like a relaunch of the game.