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Catalyst At Gen Con 2015

It just wouldn't be Gen Con without Randall and Catalyst Game Labs in attendance. As they have for the past... lots of years, they will once more be at the show and they're gonna be packed with cool stuff to see and do at booths 417, 413, 509, and 617.

For Shadowrun fans, there will be the Shadowrun RPG Experience. Newcomers can learn about the Sixth World while veterans ply the dark alleys and networks. Like the setting but want something a little different? How about checking out Shadowrun: Crossfire, the cooperative deck-building game. They'll be having a special Harlequin Party event for that one.

But that's not all. They'll once again have their giant-sized The Duke set (love the game, been meaning to try the big tiles for it) you can play on. You can get a look into their new Valiant RPG. If you like laying tiles, but want a bit more... Norse in your life, there's Jarl, the tile-laying game based on the Vikings tv show. And you can pillage the countryside in Wrath of Dragons.

We're only a couple days away. I can't wait.