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CATaclysm RPG Coming to Kickstarter on October 14th

Cats. On the internet. It's a thing. And while I may be more of a "bear" person than a "cat" person, I certainly have nothing against our feline friends. But you don't have to be a super-cat-person to enjoy CATaclysm, a new RPG coming from Akinji Entertainment. Humans are gone and cats have become one of the dominant species on Earth. They are working to protect Mommy Nurtur from the likes of the Rats and Toads. The game will be making its way to Kickstarter next month.

About the game:

CATaclysm is a new RPG in which players play evolved cats in a future Earth devoid of humans. Humans have disappeared, long gone due to a cataclysmic event, and cats have progressed to become the alpha species. There are other critters too, some benevolent while others quite malevolent. Rats and toads, corrupted by centuries of exposure to Miasma, seek to destroy all that the cats have created. The cats, now defenders of Mommy Nurtur, use their powers of Meowgic to stop the rats and toads’ ne-furr-eous plans.

This is Akinji Entertainment’s first RPG and is planning to launch its Kickstarter on October 14th. The team at Akinji have been working on this game for some time now, in fact, they just finished another successful showing at Gen Con 50. This was the second time CATaclysm was demoed at Gen Con, with time slots selling out within days of it being posted on the forums.

After almost two years of development and play-testing, the team feels the game is ready for crowdfunding. Some preliminary art has been created, featuring the various breeds that players can play as well as some of the principle foes. CATaclysm sports a new robust game mechanic, based on their proprietary new RPG system called Ph4se (pronounced “Phase Four”) which includes a new health management system that incorporates the use of dials. Rather than using hit-points, characters have phases that represent their overall condition. Players can track their characters’ phases using these dials, which have been very successfully play-tested with both experienced and novice groups. In fact, many players have commented on how the dials really enhance the role-playing experience, because the dials are a constant and efficient reminder of your character’s health, as well the health of other players’ characters around the table.

If you’re interested in checking out CATaclysm you can do so by downloading a limited preview release from DriveThruRPG. The demo contains everything you need to start playing right away, as well as a short adventure that was previously tested at Gen Con two years ago. The Team at Akinji would love the RPG community to check out their game as well as leave any comments or suggestions from those who have downloaded the demo.