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Casual Game Insider to head to newsstands near you

Casual Game Insider has made a deal to get onto newsstands near you in the near future.



Form the announcement:

The Casual Game Revolution continues onward. We are proud to announce a new Casual Game Insider distribution deal with Ingram Periodicals, who serves over 6,000 newsstands across North America! Some of their key retailers include Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Jo-Ann, Lifeway, and REI.

What does this mean for Casual Game Insider? The same boardgaming magazine you know and love now has the potential to serve far more casual gamers than ever before. We are thrilled to reach outside of the usual gaming channels to get in front of a new demographic. It is an opportunity to grow casual gaming in a whole new way, which will be of great benefit to the board game industry at large.

Beginning with the Fall 2014 issue, you'll see a new barcode on the front cover of the magazine, which is required by retailers. We also expect our print volumes to increase dramatically — the exact circulation will be unknown until our first order is received. We will also continue to serve 2,100 game stores and our direct subscribers, as always.