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Casual Game Insider Issue 11 now available

Casual Game Insider has releases Issue 11 of their magazine for you, the grateful, awaiting public, to download and read at your pleasure. This issue they take a look at why players keep coming back for more in their tabletop gaming, a discussion of how cooperative play has become such a big part of gaming today, various experts thoughts on rulebooks for games, and a look back at the history of Eagle-Gryphon games. All that and more.

From the website:

Bézier Games’ Daybreak expands on the success of the Ultimate Werewolf party game series.

Plus: the origins of cooperative play, game industry elites discuss the ins and outs of rulebooks, why we keep returning to the table for board gaming, and the 60-year evolution of Eagle-Gryphon Games.

This issue is also available at select Barnes & Noble bookstores across the United States.
Page Count: 48
Issue Number: 11
Issue Period: Spring 2015
Authors: Chris James, Sebastian Fuhrer, John L. Carkeet IV, Rey Armenteros, Rick Soued