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Castles & Dragons Board Game Coming to Kickstarter

It's good to be king. But that's not to say that it's easy. You want to go out and conquer more land while also creating pacts with the other kings and lords of the land. You want your populace to be happy, or else you're at risk of being assassinated. You've got an economy to run. There's a lot to do. And that's just what you will be doing in Castles & Dragons, a new board game coming to Kickstarter in September from El Fenix Games.

About the game:

You begin as a Lord of one realm and try to conquer the rest of the world by using your deadly armies or by uniting kingdoms to form a country.

Test yourself in a supply and demand market. Create pacts with other lords to make your way to the crown faster and easier, then break them and destroy opponents by sending spies to their lands. Expand your kingdom by building villages and cities. Protect it by raising castles and wizard towers Every move you take influences the happiness of your people. When it reaches the top you can form a country, but when it falls to the ground your people will assassinate you. Will you accept the challenge?