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Castles & Crusades: The Hallowed Oracle Up On Kickstarter

Castles & Crusades is expanding. Troll Lord Games is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring two new books to the system. They're basically a setting guide as well as a player's guide for The Hallowed Oracle. and it would seem people are excited about it, as the Kickstarter's doing rather well.

So, what are these two books? Well, the world book is over 200 pages and has such things as setting material, as well as 8 pre-made adventures filled with new monsters. The adventures are designed for characters level 1-5. It's got everything you need to play the game (aside from the stuff in the Player's Guide), so even if you haven't played Castles & Crusades before, they've got you covered.

Meanwhile, as for that Player's Guide, it's over 24 pages and contains new classes, as well as variants for those classes, plus new spells, and equipment for your characters. As an added bonus, it includes a whole host of "house rules" that Shane Moor uses during his games for you to try out.

As I mentioned, the campaign is doing well. They're more than 2x funded already, with still 28 days left to go.