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Castles & Crusades Megabundle Available Now

Let's keep the sales posts going for the day and finish out with quite a big one. Are you interested in Castles & Crusades? Perhaps you've checked it out, but were waiting for a sale to dive in? Would you like a digital copy of 18 different books? Well, you can get them now in a single Megabundle for 80% off the regular price.

From the announcement:

For a limited time, DrivethruRPG and Troll Lord Games have set up this amazing MegaBundle of items featuring Castles & Crusades! From the Players Handbook to settings to supplements to adventures, this one covers them all! Get $150 of books for less than $30! A great chance to get the ones you are missing or get started with a new game that is easy, fast, and fun to play!