Castle Modular Construction System up now on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Nov 21st, 2012

The Castle Foundry wants to bring you a new terrain system for minis and role-play gaming. They’ve started a Kickstarter for their new modular construction system.

From the campaign:

You want Castle! for your gaming table. Your minis want it. It looks amazing right out of the box. It even feels amazing. It is modular and infinitely interchangeable. It stacks. Even better, it unstacks. You can easily remove the various floors of your Castle! and put them back on as you move up and down during gameplay. You can build an awesome Wizard’s tower as tall as yourself and game all the way up. Then you can break it down, box it up, take it to a friend’s house and build something completely different, but just as awesome. Then do it again.

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  • surprize

    This is a cool looking piece of terrain but I think the KS is too confusing. By just pledging store credit they can’t really have headline figure of – pledge this = get this. At the point of pledging you can’t really be sure what you are going to be able to “buy” for your pledge.

  • castlefoundry


    This is one of the developers, William Chesser

    Thanks for the comment. We were worried about this too. However, our goal was to give maximum flexibility to backers while knowing that we had to reach certain goals in order to fund. The idea is that you pledge amount X and then will be able to buy product at the end using the money pledged (plus any bonuses accrued depending on pledge level) in order to get whatever you wanted.

    We could have rolled shipping in, but would have had to charge a larger amount across the board to make sure we could cover it all. We preferred to charge actual shipping, and this method allowed us to do so. We’re trying to keep costs as low as we can for the end user, and maintain the most flexibility possible. However, we went back and forth on this. I hope that it doesn’t end up turning you off totally to the product, and if we can answer specific questions, please let us know.



  • I agree on the pledge levels- It’s nice to get to buy whatever I want, but I have no idea how much I need to build a “kit.”

    Selling the kits or at least giving me an idea of how much a “kit” needs to be built, would have been much better.

  • Sevej

    The castle’s too modular. They should put more work in deciding and designing the way castle components are separated instead of putting them in the customers’ hand. This way customer has to do their homework.

    Modularity is good, but ease of use should also be considered. I’d rather have less modular, bigger pieces that are easy to use with each other, and then may be some small optional extra details.

    The post KS survey will be hell after this.

    • Soulfinger

      ‘This modular castle is too modular!’ That cracks me up. Kind of like, “Waitress, there’s too much orange in this juice!”

    • Wyrm

      I don’t work for Castle or anything, but: Seems like you can create your own components. Make a big piece of floor out of their small pieces and leave it connected when you take the set down. Make a tower and leave it that way, etc.

  • castlefoundry


    I’m a bit confused. Isn’t that what we show? We are selling kits. They have prices on them. They show what pieces come in them. If we haven’t made THAT clear then we’re in trouble. Would you mind taking a look again at how the kits and prices are laid out and let me know if I am mis-understanding? If not, what would make that more clear?



  • castlefoundry

    Sevej: It’s probably easier to use than it looks. You don’t need to put pegs in nearly every hole (more like 2 pegs per piece will do it, usually). We have talked about bigger pieces, but our goal was to make it as modular as possible without being Hirst Arts. Nothing against Hirst arts, but that seemed like too much work and you had to glue it all together. We just want to avoid what we call the “Ogre’s Den” problem, which is our name for making one big piece that is too specialized. That’s the kind of thing we’re trying to get away from. Sorry if it doesn’t work for you. However, we feel like there are already a number of products out there that fill that niche. Thanks for looking and letting us know, though!


  • monkplayer

    I agree with the previous poster’s Surprise and Varagon. I REALLY like your product! From my experience being in the marketing and sales industry for 25 years, you NEED to spell out what you get for each level you contribute. Look at Reapers Miniatures recent record setting Kickstarter Campaign for a guide. I will contribute once you make the upper level pledges more clear on what I will get. I don’t have an interest in my name being permanently posted on a banner or instruction book. I want my of your awesome product! Listen to us for when we part with our $ we want to know EXACTLY what we’re getting! Don’t you?

    • monkplayer

      Opps, “I want MORE of your awesome product!”

  • castlefoundry

    We’re going to take your advice and re-boot the project in early spring. Thanks monkplayer et. al. for the sage council.