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Castle & Kingdom Playing Cards up on Kickstarter

Castle & Kingdom is a custom-art playing card deck (for poker, gin rummy, hearts, etc.) that's up on Kickstarter now and looking for funding.

Castle and Kingdom


From the campaign:

Theme of playing cards along with Castle and Kingdom close to each other. Here you have exact personages match it's own suit on the court cards. In contradistinction to regular decks with square like faces, Castle and Kingdom pictures seem strongly settled down, belong to suits they're at. Looking forward I'm going to develop Kingdoms, increase number of contain inhabitants, create new castles and start the story. Distance from drafts through card design brought us round about 2 months. Most of images showed up perfectly from the beginning, because of crystal clear idea. We wish to be able to print at least minimum available quote with the best in industry United States Playing Cards Company.