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Castle Assault: The Fell Fire Forge Up On Kickstarter

Volsk Game Company has launched a campaign for Castle Assault: The Fell Fire Forge (holy alliteration, Batman!), their new strategic card game for 1-2 players. The dwarven fortress of Kaz-zath'dun, long sitting forgotten, has been torn open due to the Dragon Fang Mountains' eruptions. The forge where many gods crafted legendary weapons is once again open for business. People are headed there to create their own legendary weapons. But will you work for good or for evil?


The game is a tactical card game, using a game board, that brings together elements from tower defense games, skirmish games, and RPGs. As your character progresses along, they can gain new skills by defeating enemies. They can also gather resources in order to forge mighty weapons, adding to their power. But with each decision you make, you will head the world in certain directions, either towards lightness or darkness.

The Kickstarter campaign is most of the way to funding with still 21 days left to go.