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Cartooner Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I can't draw. I really wanted to when I was young, and I tried to a lot, but it just never came together. I needed a drafting machine and a set of French curves just to make a stick man, and it wasn't even a very good stick man. But even if you can't draw, you can still play Cartooner, as long as you're good at creating a story. In the game, you'll be looking to both create a new tale as well as create some new art. It's up on Kickstarter now.

About the game:

Cartooner is a is a new experience in drawing games. It is a game that combines storytelling and drawing. It is like Once Upon a Time plus Pictionary with story prompts that are inspired by popular and quirky comics themes and trends.

This epic battle game lets everyone experience the thrill of creating and sharing their own stories in comics format with nothing more than stick figures!

While this is a game about drawing, it's not just a game where the best artist wins. Your strategy and ability to adapt fast will matter much more. Points are awarded for strategy and following the rules not artistic ability.

However, if you are an artist, it is undeniable that Cartooner can be a great companion for you as well especially when looking for inspiration for #Inktober or an Instagram #dailysketch or your next #24hourcomicsday, we designed a solo mode just for that.

The game features two decks of cards, Themes and Trends, that give endless replay value and story inspiration.

The Themes deck gives you specific ideas and plot devices: Desire to Save the World, Haunted Houses, Mutants, and 133 other wild Themes.

The gorgeously illustrated Trend Cards (by San Francisco artist Konstantin Pogorelov) represent broader comic tropes, such as Shared Universe, Crossover, Reboot, Origin Story, Disasters, and Destiny.

The game plays out in 4 rounds that build up in intensity. Each round is 5 minutes long. Your goal is to get the most Fame points at each round using a combination of your Theme cards and the fleeting market Trends that are valid only for one round. In the end, the player with the most Fame wins…but every player walks away with a comic of their own creation.

With literally hundreds of thousands of possible combinations of story prompts, you'll never run out of ideas.

The campaign's a bit more than 2/3 to their goal, but there's only 6 days left to get that last bit!