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Carthaginians up for Pre-Order from Victrix

Victrix has started taking pre-orders for their new plastic Carthaginians box set. If you order from them early, you can get a set of limited-edition shield trasfers for your little mans. Orders taken until the 29th are eligible for these free decals.

From the announcement:

Carthaginian Warriors £29.95

The Carthaginian Warriors are now on pre order. We have a special pre order offer from Friday 20th March to Sunday 29th March wher...e all orders will receive a free limited edition Veteran scutum transfer sheet designed by Steve from Little Big Men Studios. The sheet is only available for the one week pre order offer and will then be gone forever. Therefore, take advantage of this great offer whilst you can.

For every box of Warriors of Carthage you purchase you will receive one of the limited edition LBMS sheets (each sheet would normally retail at £6.00).

This set contains 21 veteran models, 21 Libyan javelinmen plus 4 officers/standard bearers, 2 musicians and many head and arm options