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Carthage is Coming

Victrix has posted up 3D render previews of their new range of Carthaginians that they're working on.
Hey, those Roman minis gotta fight against someone, right?



From the preview:

Coming hot on the heels of our 3 Republican Roman releases we are pleased to show you some more progress with our Carthaginian set.

These are due to start tooling in a few weeks time so all going well we may have a Christmas release for these but if that does not transpire it will be soon after in the new-year.

In the 3d renders we are showing you the variations that can be achieved with the Libyan spearmen in lino-thorax armour. We will have many head options so you can make the unit as varied as you like and yet they will still be really easy to piece together.

In the title image you can see the command figures of officer, standard bearer and musician. These have been slightly tweaked since we last showed you these, a few minor points have been enhanced to give even greater depth of detail. For those of you who have seen our plastic Romans in the flesh (so to speak!) you will know the superb level of detail we have achieved on those figures, these will be on a par if not better. One of our aims is to improve with every new set we release.

Next up will be images of the Veterans and Libyan javelin men plus Citizens in knee length tunics.

Steve will also be working on a full range of transfers for these as well as adding to the extensive Roman and Greek designs.