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Carthage Deckbuilding Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Are you not entertained!
Well, if you're not, maybe you're playing the wrong game. Perhaps you should check out Carthage, the new deckbuilding-board game that's up on Kickstarter from SAS Creative. In it, you play as a gladiator, looking to gain the favor of the crowd as you defeat your opponents using different gear found throughout the match.

About the game:

SAS Creative announced that today Carthage has launched its Kickstarter campaign. Carthage is a deckbuilding board game, in which players move around a hex-based arena and face off in gladiatorial warfare to earn crowd favor, gain armor, and battle to the death. Luke Seinen, the designer of Carthage states “The board game community really needs a good Gladiator game. A game that makes you feel the fear, risk, and adrenaline of being in a gladiatorial contest. Carthage answers that call!”

Featuring a beautiful Graphic Novel art style, this game uses blended mechanics of deckbuilding, hand management, and ruthless "take-that" combat. Also included, is a unique modular ruleset which allows players to play game matchmaker, altering the game complexity, playtime, and strategic depth.

Luke Seinen and his wife run SAS Creative, an indie graphic design company in Edmonton, Canada. Through his company, he has had the rare opportunity to not only conceive and develop his game, but to also personally handle all of the design and graphics. “I love that from start to finish, I was able to have a directive hand in all elements of the game,” said Luke Seinen.

The Kickstarter campaign's up and running now. They're roughly 2/3 to their goal with still 29 days left to go.