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Carolina Gaming Tables Up On Kickstarter

Continuing with our theme of gaming tables for the morning, Carolina Gaming Tables is running a Kickstarter campaign for their... well... gaming tables (you don't have to live in Carolina to be part of the Kickstarter). Let's face it, if you entered the contest in the article below this one, chances are pretty slim that you'll win. However, since this Kickstarter has funded, the chance of getting a table is greatly increased.

The table is one of the type that has a recessed gaming area built into it. That way, you can have a game set up and ready to play just about any time. Just remove the top and you're good to go. A friend has a table like that. He keeps Mansions of Madness set up down there, since he loves to play the game, but let's face it, it can take a while to set up. This Kickstarter campaign contains pledge levels if you just want some coasters, a side table or chairs, or the full dining room set.

The campaign has reached their funding goal and still has 29 days left on the clock.