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Carnevale world-wide one-day campaign coming soon

Carnevale, from Vesper-On, will be running a world-wide, one-day campaign event in February. Are you hungry? Starvation is coming.

From the announcement:

We're entering a very interesting period for Carnevale. In just a few days we will start teasing our two new releases for February, but we've got something really exciting to tell you about. A worldwide Campaign!!

Starvation is a one day campaign that will be played in hobby stores and clubs all over the world on February the 16th. We've designed three exclusive adventures which will only be available to play on this day. These adventures link with each other, and the global outcome of the games played all over the place will affect the evolution of the world of Carnevale. So now you've got the chance to play a part in the future events of the game!

Now, if you know an store or a gaming club and you're interested in running this event, send us an e-mail to and we'll give all the details and the PDF event pack for free!