Cargo Noir – Trafficking in Troubled Waters

Days of Wonder have posted details of the Cargo Noir – Trafficking in Troubled Waters boardgame.

Cargo Noir

From their website:

Days of Wonder announces Cargo Noir – a game of illicit trading in which players run “families” who traffic in smuggled goods. Designed by Serge Laget, the game takes place in the thrilling and evocative setting of 1950?s film noir.

Game play in Cargo Noir revolves around a changing set of notorious smuggling ports – Hong Kong, Bombay, Rotterdam, Panama, Tanger, Rio, Cape Town, New York and Macao – that are filled with various types and quantities of contraband. Players dispatch cargo ships loaded with gold to the ports that hold cargo they desire – hoping that it will be enough to snatch the goods away from any opponents. The acquired goods are then stored in the player’s warehouses until enough is accumulated to create valuable combinations to trade away for Victory Spoils.

Cargo Noir will be available from game retailers worldwide beginning in March 2011. Suggested retail price is $50/€45. You can learn more about the game, as well as view a series of Cargo Noir mini-movies at the Cargo Noir website.