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Cardthrower Castle Game Up On Kickstarter

"Don't throw things in the house!!"
Yeah, I heard that more than once as a kid. Thankfully, nothing ever got seriously broken. But still. Well, now Cardthrower Castle is giving you an excuse to throw things in the house. And all of you who practice pitching cards into a hat, you're gonna be at an advantage here.

The object of Cardthrower Castle is to destroy your enemy's castle. There are several ways to do that (and ways to protect yourself as well). You can throw siege missiles at your opponent. To do that, you literally pitch the card at your opponent's stacked deck in hopes of touching it, or better yet, sticking into it. You can also attack with troops (though your enemy can defend with their own troops, which causes a rock/paper/scissors battle to ensue). Cause your opponent to discard all their cards and you win.

The campaign is about 1/4 funded with still 24 days to go.