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Carcassonne Big Box Now Available

Carcassonne is one of those ubiquitous games that pretty much everyone has played at some point. Many of you have a copy on your gaming shelf right now. But do you have all the expansions? Or maybe you don't have a copy, but want one, and the idea of those expansions is a bit daunting to have to track down. And what about storing it all? Well, Z-Man Games is here to help. Their Carcassonne Big Box is now available.

From the announcement:

A world of possibilities awaits you. This land is populated with all sorts of interesting people and exciting things to do. Once here, you’re just as likely to bump into a powerful witch or wizard as you are to see a fantastic flying machine soaring across the sky. Discover everything that this world has to offer with the Carcassonne Big Box, available now!