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Captital City Epic Sci-Fi Map Pack up on Kickstarter now

The Adventurers Atlas is looking to fund his Capital City Epic Sci-Fi Map Pack over on Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

Since 2007 The Adventurers Atlas has been creating sci-fi themed maps for use with 28-34 mm scale miniatures or RPGs. The maps have an obvious compatibility with Star Wars miniatures, but the versatility of the maps are boundless.

The maps we create are printed locally and shipped all over the world. They are printed on high quality paper with a gloss finish and are neatly folded for easy shipping and storage.

This will be our 5th map pack and it is our biggest yet! The map pack contains 6 double sided poster maps for a total of 12 maps. This pack most notably will feature 4 connectible "district maps" that combine in countless ways to create an epic-scale "capital city" map.