Captain’s Log #42 coming soon

Captain's Log 42.jpgAmarillo Design Bureau will be releasing Captain’s Log #42 for Federation Commander and Star Fleet Battles.

From their announcement:
Scheduled to be in stores by the Friday after American Thanksgiving (for the prime Christmas sales season), this latest instalment in our best-selling series includes the usual elements plus several special features and is sure to be another hit release.

Every issue of Captain’s Log includes tactics, ships, scenarios, new material, and designer’s notes for all of our product lines, including Federation Commander, Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Starmada, Star Fleet Battle Force, and of course Prime Directive. Each issue also includes fiction, news about the company and its product lines, updates, photos of upcoming miniatures, and more.

This issue is still in preparation, so we don’t have an exact contents list today, but we have seen some of the new Ship Cards and scenarios (for SFB, FC, and Starmada), and think they are some of the best we have ever published. The fiction we’re planning to include will be very memorable.