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Capitan Miniatures has New Spanish Infantry Grenadiers 1808-1811

Capitan Miniatures has a new set of Spanish grenadiers for us to look at.

Read their words! These guys are serious about this stuff.

The grenadiers in the Spanish Army at the beginning of the peninsular war were the elite troops of each regiment, with a long tradition in combat. The Spanish army was divided in 41 Line regiments, 42 Provincial Regiments, and 4 Provincial Grenadiers Divisions; each Line regiment has three battalions of four companies each, the first battalion has two companies of line grenadiers. The Provincial regiments have one battalion with five companies, one of them of grenadiers. The Provincial Grenadiers Division has two battalions of four companies of grenadiers.

Each grenadier company has a selected group of 5 "gastadores" sappers, with a peculiar bearskin and uniform, we have included them in our miniatures range.

The uniforms of the Line and Provincial grenadiers were the same with the exception of the bearskin, the line has a single bearskin with a long "sleeve" in the back, and the provincial a side plume, cords and long "sleeve"in the back.

We have made all the miniatures of the grenadiers with interchangeable heads to choose from Line to Provincial grenadiers, that is the firs time in the market that the provincial grenadiers has been done. Michael Broadbent has nicely sculpted the grenadier's miniatures.

All the miniatures come with a selection of three different heads of Line grenadiers, if you want to represent the Provincial grenadiers we have a pack of three provincial grenadiers heads. You can use too the 3 heads pack of the line infantry (SPI015) to customize your units.

References of the range:

SPI016-Spanish Grenadier 1808 Officer Marching
SPI017-Spanish Grenadier 1808 Standard Bearer
SPI018-Spanish Grenadier 1808 Drummer
SPI019- Spanish Grenadier 1808 Sergeant
SPI020- Spanish Grenadier 1808 Marching full uniform gaiters
SPI021- Spanish Grenadier 1808 Marching full uniform trousers
SPI022- Spanish Grenadier 1808 sapper
SPI023- 3 Provincial Grenadiers bearskin heads

You can download a selection of Line and Provincial regiments flags in our web.