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Capitan Miniatures Releases New 28mm Miniatures

Capitan Miniatures first 28mm miniatures will be available. It will be 7 miniatures for the Napoleonic French Gendarmerie, 3 miniatures of the Gendarmerie a cheval (officer, trumpet 6 trooper) and 4 miniatures (officer, drummer & two infantrymen) of the Gendarmerie a pied:

From their announcement:

They were the Military Police of Napoleon and the best anti-guerrilla warfare unit in the napoleonic wars. They fought in all the napoleonic wars, in the Peninsular War, Russia, Austria, Prussia…. if you have a 28mm Napoleonic Army you will need this unit¡¡¡

From the workbench of our talented sculptor Michael Broadbent we have the first miniatures of the Napoleonic Spanish Army, all the troop miniatures will have interchangeable heads with a choice of six different headgear. The miniatures will reflect the heterogeneity of the Spanish Army in the peninsular war, wit a mix of shell jackets, tail coats, trousers, gaiters and the spanish shoes “espardeñas” you will have a choice of 48 different infantrymen, a sergeant, drummer, standard bearer, and two officers. If you want to start a Spanish Napoleonic Army, now is the best opportunity. Available in mid January.