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Capitan Miniatures Post Completetion of 18mm Series

Capitan Miniatures posts that the 18mm Master and Commander series is done:

From their announcement:

Mike Broadbent, has sent us the last greens of the 18mm series Master & Commander – Close Quarters- they are the Barbary corsairs, now all the series is finished that will include:

British: 3 Officers, 3 Royal Navy Marines

US Navy: 3 Officers, 4 US Navy Marines

Spanish: 3 Officers, 5 Marines

French: 3 Officers, 3 Marines

Barbary Corsairs: 3 Officres, 3 Corsairs

Sailors: 7 sailors

40 Totally new miniatures

Now we start the production phase of the miniatures and ending the printing composition phase of the rules, we will launch all the miniatures and the game about the 15th of december. Don’t miss it.