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Capitan Miniatures News

Capitan Miniatures News:

From their announcement:

We have posted in our web photos of our first new miniatures painted by the talented artist Javier Gómez "El Mercenario".

The online shop is now on test mode, and in about a month we will have all the series of 18mm Naval Crews in the Napoleonic Era fully finished and ready for our customers. The series will include naval officers, Marines, Embarked Infantry and sailors for the Royal Navy, US Navy, Spanish Navy, French Navy, Dutch Navy, & Argelian Barbary crews.

In our online shop you will found for every miniature a photo of the miniature unpainted and painted (front and back view), so you can exactly know what you are buying.

In a few weeks we will post photos of our 28mm range starting from the French Napoleonic Gendarmerie (Cavalry and Infantry). In our web section "Flags" you can download totally free, the flags for the miniatures that we will release. The game boards for the game MASTER & COMMANDER -CLOSE QUARTERS- are ready and the rules will be released in the next month.

Stay tuned to our web we will post all the miniatures as soon as we have it¡¡¡¡¡