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Capitan Miniatures has new Napoleonic naval guns and crews

Capitan Miniatures expands their 18mm Napoleonics line with their new naval guns and crews.

From them to you:

We have added to our Napoleonic Naval range of 18mm miniatures, 6 Gun Crews, a naval 18lb gun and light 12pdr carronade. All the miniatures sculpted by Michel Broadbent. They are available at our online shop.

GN001-Master Gunner
GN002-Gunner aiming
GN003-Gunner with cartridge
GN004-Gunner with ramrod
GN005-Gunner with bucket
GN006-Gunner with handle Retail price 0,5€ per miniature
GN007-18lb Gun Retail Price 2€
GN008-12pdr Carronade Retail Price 1€
GN009-18lb Gun and 6 crew Reatil Price 4€
GN010-12pdr Carronade and 6 crew Retail price 3,5€
GN011-Gun crew (6 different gunners) Retail price 3€