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Capitan Libertadores released

Capitan Games have released their Libertadores supplement for the Capitan Napoleonic rules. From their announcement:
Capitan starts his Wars for the Liberation of South America series, with this first release. "The Wars of South american Independence or South American Emancipation, as these conflicts are variously called, were extremely complex mix of regional identities, class economics and social tension with mixed patriotism, democratic idealism and no small amount of cynical power politics. Not only were  a contest between the colonies and the mother countries, they were a conflict between liberals and conservatives over what social and political shape the new nations would take." (Liberators! The war in the South, Volume I, by John Fletcher) This first supplement covers the wars for Chilean liberation (1817-1820) between Royal Spanish Army and Los Andes Army of San Martín. 56 Army of los Andes units & 56 Royalist units.