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Capitan Libertadores news and poll

Capitán Games have news about their Libertadores expansion as well as a poll on the subject of their next rules release. Capitan Libertadores From their announcement:
We are working in our new supplement for Capitán "Libertadores", with these supplement you can play with the units of the spanish Royalists and the Patriots of the Army of the Andes, and refight the battles of the Chilean campaign of 1817 -1818 from the Wars for emancipation of South America. In this supplement we have the help and advising of the expert in the period John Fletcher from Grenadier Productions and author of the book "Liberators., Napoleonic Wargaming in South America". From now we have we have open a poll in our website to let you choose what is your favorite period for the new Capitan supplement. Vote now..., you can choose from: American Civil War / American War Of Independence / Waterloo Campaign / Napoleon First Campaigns