Capitan Games launches Napoleon’s Battes Maréchal Edition Crowdfunding project

Capitan Games has launched a Board Game Starter campaign to fund the Maréchal edition of their Napoleon’s Battles game.


From the campaign:, a British-owned crowd-funding company in partnership with are working hand-in-hand with Capitán Games to bring you this opportunity.

By making a pledge, you will enjoy highly advantageous prices, not only for the rules system but for an entire range of 15 mm white metal miniature figures produced by Warmodelling Miniatures and a whole variety of mouthwatering reward items, from a Limited Edition leather-bound rule book to a series of cast replica Napoleonic campaign medals. Just read through the pledges to see how you can benefit.

How is the new 200-page 4th Maréchal Edition of Napoleon’s Battles Different?
Yes, the rule book has expanded from the original 150 pages to 200, making it even better value for money. Here are some key features of the new edition:
1. The Preface to the new edition has been written by one of the original authors – Bob Coggins.
2. We have endeavoured to make the layout of the rules simpler by putting each rule within the Turn Sequence to which it relates.
3. The Standard rules include some changes suggested by players over a number of years, but in essence these are the same rules that existing players have become familiar with.
4. The Optional rules now include some new ones including special abilities for commanders & units.
5. Tournament rules have been included for those players and clubs who want to be involved; these include a Scenario Generator for tournaments.
6. Full Army lists are included in the main Rule Book, together with Commander lists.
7. Also within the book are Historical scenarios of famous battles.
8. Finally, we explain how to build armies with our online Army builder. Access to this free online Army generator makes it easy to build, save, recall and adjust your Napoleon’s Battles armies from one game to another.

In combination with the Book Warmodelling Miniatures are producing finely-detailed, all-new moulds for the range of figures to compliment the rule set. Six nations´armies represented with the Guard of two as separate individual corps: French, British, Spanish, Austrian, Prussian and Russian (250 points full ready to play army). PlusInfantry and cavalry/artillery battle packs to combine with the corps.

Postage 5 british pounds in UK and 15 british pounds for all other countries.