Capitan Games demos at Salute & Warmodelling Offers

Capitan Games will be making their way to Salute this weekend and offering demos of their games. Plus, they’ll have deals going on their Warmodelling miniatures.


From the announcement:

Come to see us at SALUTE 2014, with the invaluable help of IRON FORES GAME CLUB we will play the Cacabelos Battle, (one of the most important fightings of the Moore’s Retreat to Corunna).

We will release the 2nd edition o CAPITAN rules, shortly will be available free pdf download at our website, but for all the customers that buy the rules in SALUTE we have made a printed edition that we will add free for each ruleset purchased.

CAPITAN Salute offer:

All army packs at 25pounds
rulebook 12 pounds
2 packs plus rules 60 pounds
4 packs 100€


GUNBOAT rulebook 12 pounds
All other orders of products of our WARMODELLING catalogue placed and pay in the show, 10% discount plus P&P free.(minimum 25 pounds)